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FlexiSpy Reviews

FlexiSpy Review

You cannot trust everything they write on the internet. Yes, you heard it right. There are many controversial and paid Flexispy reviews on the internet. So, it becomes quite challenging to decide which spy app is suitable for you.

Thanks to this, we have decided to do an unbiased Flexispy app review to help you choose.

To simplify this task, we initially made a brief description of Flexispy. A thorough overview of all the functions of this software will follow. So, we recommend that you read the article to the end for a complete guide.

FlexiSPY For Mobiles & Computers

Flexispy is one of the most developed spyware with an intuitive interface and regular updates.

The application is also the most powerful tool for monitoring targeted devices. It is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Flexispy App Review

There are lots of monitoring apps out there, and all these applications look similar, so why should I choose Flexispy?

There are two main factors that you should consider while buying a spy app, price, and available features.

FlexiSpy Prices 

Flexispy currently offers three monitoring packages.

Lite: Flexispy Lite plan is ideal for users who are on a budget. Its price is $ 29.95 for one month with a required set of monitoring functions at an affordable price.

Premium: For all-around monitoring, you can choose a premium Flexispy plan. It has many advanced features as compared to any other monitoring application. It comes with monthly, three months, and a yearly plan.

The price for the monthly subscription is $68. For a three months subscription, you have to pay $99. Its annual plan is quite affordable at $149. Premium plan prices are also the same for iPad, Mac, and PC users.

Extreme: If you want the most advanced features, possible for any spyware, you can choose the Flexispy Extreme plan. It starts at $199 for a three-month subscription. While for the annual program, you can buy it for $349.

Our recommendations:

Based on customers’ general reviews, Flexispy extreme plan for three months should be your first choice. If you are monitoring iPad, Mac, or PC, Go for the 3-month plan at $99. As a result, you will receive all the necessary options for tracking smartphones. Click here to buy

FlexiSpy features

The current version of FlexiSpy provides easy access to a monitoring device. It is updated and improved, opening new opportunities for its customers, providing the complete information that no competitor can claim.

FlexiSPY feathures

FlexiSpy contains more than 150 primary and additional functions. Many of them are unique and not available on other spyware apps. It allows you to get complete information about the monitoring device. But, some functions are limited according to the selected subscription plan.

Call logs

With Flexispy, you can track the incoming and outgoing calls of your targeted device. You can also see the name, time, and duration of the call on your control panel.

Address book

This feature allows you to get all the details and contact information stored inside the phone’s address book. You can see contact photos, emails, and stories uploaded to your secure online dashboard.

Track SMS and MMS messages

Once installed, FlexiSPY will capture all the SMS and MMS messages received or sent from your monitoring device. You can have a record of those messages, even if they are deleted from your targeted device.

GPS Tracking

FlexiSPY can monitor the phone’s location in real-time. It can also track the movement of your targeted history. With this feature, you can keep your children safe and monitor them without them knowing.


It is one of the most powerful features of Flexispy. With this feature, you can set Caller ID, keywords, and location alerts. You can also mark the forbidden borders on the map. Every time your children cross the safe zone, or your employee going to your competitors, you will receive a notification.

Browsing history and bookmarks

Flexispy allows you to view internet history and track all bookmarks on a target device. This feature is handy for parents to know all the activities of the children on the internet.


Keylogger is the most powerful feature of Flexispy for its users. So, you can see everything that is being typed on your targeted device.

Network Connections

Network Connections is a Flexispy feature that lets you see the cellular or wifi-networks connected on the device, including the time and date.

Multimedia files

If you think your child is searching for inappropriate content, you can see all their downloaded multimedia files. It includes videos, photos, wallpaper images, and audio files on your targeted device. You can access all the data from your online portal.

Calendar Appointments

Flexispy calendar tracker allows you to spy on all scheduled meetings and appointments on your targeted device. You can view all this information with time, date, and notes on your secure online dashboard.

Installed Applications

Today, the share of communication through various social platforms is significantly higher than the number of traditional calls and SMS sent. FlexiSpy has an impressive list of supported applications that you can see through your Flexispy web browser.

Application Activity

Applications are now actively used for communication, especially by children. So you should know what they do there and with what kind of people they connect. With Flexispy, you can get all the details of the application activities of your targeted device.

Customer Service & Support

Flexispy has an excellent round-the-clock technical support service. You can contact them via email or online chat. Moreover, the official site has a FAQ section and many detailed instructions and video tutorials on working with the program.

Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the Flexispy, you can refund your money inside the ten-day window.

Additional features of premium plan
With all the lite plan features, the Flexipsy premium has multiple additional features.

VoIP Call Logs

Flexispy premium plan allows you to view VoIP call logs. It includes Facebook, LINE, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp Call Logs. It is a beneficial feature, as many children use these services for voice calls. Again, no competing spyware applications have such features.

Social media messages

This feature is for premium users. It enables you to view all incoming and outgoing messages of different social media applications. It includes; WeChat, Tinder, Telegram, QQ, WhatsApp (including group chats), Viber, Line, Instagram, Kik, Hike Messenger, and Facebook.

It also allows you to spy on Skype, including photos, videos, profile pictures, and contact details. This is a convenient tool to keep you updated on what is being discussed by your employees and children.

Flexispy will capture and upload data on your secure online dashboard. It can also be through your unique mobile portal viewing app, FlexiVIEW.

SIM change notification

Is your spouse cheating on you with multiple SIM cards? Is your company employee sharing company’s data? Well, you can trace their activities with this powerful feature. You will get a notification from Flexispy if your targeted device changes the SIM card.

App screenshots

This fantastic feature allows you to take screenshots remotely of your monitoring device. It gives you the luxury to choose applications that you want to capture remotely. You can also view these screenshots on your secure online portal anytime you want.

Email tracking

If you purchase a premium plan of Flexispy, you have all the access to view sent and received emails of your targeted device. It includes the sender and receiver details, time, and date of the email. This feature is equally useful for both businesses and individuals.

Extreme plan advanced features

Flexispy Extreme plan has become a leader in its segment, as it is the only application that currently offers the most advanced features.

Call recording and interception.

It is a powerful Flexispy feature that allows you to record and listen to calls on your monitored device. Some people may want to intercept a call through which your phone is added, like a conference call. But, you only listen to incoming and outgoing calls in real-time.

Besides, the monitored device must support three-way connections, as previously known by the mobile operator. Live call interception is now available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android devices.

Ambient Recording

This feature allows you to turn on the target phone’s microphone, through which you can record the phone’s surroundings. It remains undetected at all times, and you can also create schedules for ambient recording. It is worth remembering the possibility of criminal liability for such actions without the consent of the device owner.

Social media calls recordings.

With Flexispy extreme plan, you have access to record calls of popular social media apps. It includes Facebook, LINE, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, and many more.

Keylogger – password cracker

This new feature is part of the Extreme plan. A keylogger is needed to scan characters that are entered from the touchpad. That makes it possible to get any passwords and data for opening accounts, including a smartphone unlock code.

Call Notifications

You can set up notifications sent to your secure online dashboard in case of calls from any specific numbers. It can help you better protect your child’s from negative people or catch your cheating spouse.

Spoof SMS

Flexispy extreme plan has some impressive features; one of them is spoof SMS. With this feature, you can send fake messages to anyone from your targeted device. To do that, you need to create phony SMS in your online user portal and then send it to your desired phone number without the device owner knowing.

Remote camera and video

Flexispy extreme plan allows you to take control of a phone’s camera discreetly. It means you do not need physical access to take phones and record videos of your targeted device. You have control of both front and back cameras of your monitored device.

You can preview and download photos and videos on your secure online portal. Flexispy is the only app on the market to offer this feature.

Application lock

With Flexispy, you can view all the applications installed on the device. You can also block them, or even uninstall them remotely, even though the device owner does not even know what is happening.

Remote update

After installing Flexispy, you no longer need access to the target device. And you can install updates or install the latest version remotely.


With FlexiSpy, you can take Android phones and tablets remotely controlled and iPhone and iPad devices. However, it is necessary to remember that the monitored equipment must have access to the internet.

Here is the current list of versions of supported operating systems, which we regularly update.

Android phones and tablets supported with OS version OS 4.0.3 – 10

iPhone and iPad devices will work fine with versions from iOS 6.0 – 13.x. We remind you that before installing Flexispy, you will need to jailbreak devices running on iOS.

You can also track computers with Flexispy.
For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
For macOS: Mavericks to Mojave.

Some functions will be available only for certain types of devices. You can go to the official website and make sure that the necessary options will work with your phone.

If you believe that all these features can meet your needs, then you must go for Flexispy.

How to install Flexispy? 

FlexiSPY by

After purchasing your desired Flexispy plan, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions. But still, some users find it hard to install the application. Do not worry. We will give you a detailed guide on how to install and work with Flexispy.

How to install Flexispy on iPhone?

If your targeted device is an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it to get all the access to that particular device. Firstly, you need to check the iOS version on the phone that you are going to jailbreak. Modifications to iOS 9.1 are pretty standard to jailbreak, but for later versions starting from iOS 9.2 to 13.x, you need to use a tethered jailbreak.

It means that if the phone is turned off due to a low battery or other reasons, the jailbreak is deactivated. In this case, you will need to reinstall Jailbreak and Flexispy.

However, the good news is that you have control over devices to reinstall FlexiSpy until the expiration of the subscription.

But, If you do not want to jailbreak your targeted iOS device, you can install mSpy for monitoring. But without jailbreak, you have access to limited features.

How to install Flexispy on Android?

The installation process for monitoring devices on Android is less complicated. If the monitored device is running any version of this OS, starting from 4.0, you can install the Flexispy application on your targeted device.

At the same time, it is important to remember that advanced functions such as call recording, keylogger, and tracking of messenger applications require rooting of the operating system.

How to install Flexispy on Windows and macOS?

In addition to tracking mobile phones, Flexispy offers to use their program for monitoring personal computers. So, you can now monitor what your children do on laptops and PCs during your absence. This software works similarly to a phone monitoring application and is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Installation service

If you cannot perform rooting/jailbreak on your own, you can contact the installation service. All you have to do is contact their support. Specialists will do everything quickly and easily for you. The cost of the service is $49.99.

How does FlexiSpy work?

After the installation process, you will see a new Flexispy interface. The website’s external interface may be important to confirm the company’s professional image and trust. Still, real actions happen in the Control Center, which is now equipped with the most advanced features that you have ever used.

All the information in the main menu has become understandable even for novice users. The controls for setting alerts or remote commands are also simple to understand.

Recently, a mobile application for viewing and using the control panel from your phone, FlexiVIEW, has also been released. It is also a well-designed and convenient way to access all your data and reports. Besides, you can set up alerts and download voice recordings from monitored devices. You can do all these through your phone too.

Flexispy VS mSpy

Flexispy and mSpy are the best spying apps available on the internet. You can also read mSpy reviews here.

Before going into comparison, first, you need to consider what features you need on your targeted device. If you want to record phone calls and social media calls, Flexispy extreme plan is what you need. Click here to buy

If standard monitoring is all you need, then this is direct competition between Flexispy and mSpy. They are in the same price range, at least for annual contracts.

They differ in the functions and provide services to monitor targeted devices. Therefore it is illogical to say which of the programs is better since everything will depend on the user’s preferences.

And the last thing that is important to consider, Companies located in the US are trying to comply with the law. Flexispy is not based in the US and is unlikely to be blocked soon. But keep in mind that you need to comply with the laws of your country to stay safe.

The Bottom line:

Flexispy is one of the best-selling spyware applications. Here is why it is considered the best. Based on Flexispy reviews;
• Simplicity and ease of installation.
• Constant updates and the addition of new features
• It comes with a money-back guarantee, you can ask for a refund within ten days of your purchase.
• Ability to work in both visible and hidden modes.
• The possibility of free use during the trial period.
• Upscale 24/7 support. You can contact support through email and live chat.
• FlexiSpy service works everywhere in any country or region of the world. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does FlexiSPY work?

We have tested the advanced features of this software, and they work reliably. In our ranking, FlexiSpy is the best app based on value for money. FlexiSpy is not inferior to any competitor in its functions. However, the quality of recording conversations is exceptional, with only a stable internet connection.

Many people with poor internet complained about problems with call recording features. In these circumstances, only some parts of the conversation are recorded.

For high-quality playback of any multimedia files, I recommend using VLC Media Player instead of Windows Media Player.

Is Flexispy legal?

Flexispy is legal if you have taken permission from the owner of your targeted device. But that is not the case in many circumstances.

A few years ago, American spyware providers stopped offering any recording features due to several high-profile lawsuits.

But, Flexispy continues to provide such services, as the company is based outside the US, without worrying about its closure by government services. However, this does not mean that you can use this software for illegal purposes, as stated on the official website.

Is Flexispy detectable?

One of the most common questions asked by users is, “is Flexispy hidden or does the owner know it easily?”

FlexiSpy software does not have visible files so that it won’t appear in the application list or task manager. Moreover, according to the developers, it is not detected by antivirus software. Only a professional can find out about its availability.

Can I transfer my license to another device?

You can transfer your license to any other device. Most software companies allow you to switch to a phone with only the same operating system. With Flexispy, you can easily switch from Android to iPhone by deactivating the program on an unnecessary device.

Can I install Flexispy without the target device?

You can’t install Flexispy without physical access to the targeted device. You need to remote/jailbreak to get access to all the advanced features. The application is designed for advanced monitoring and full reporting of a third-party device.

It provides many features: reading and sending messages, listening to and recording phone calls, access to social networks and instant messengers, viewing the gallery, and tracking location via GPS.

Note: If you believe that Flexispy is a suitable app for your needs then consider buying using our links to reward us so that we could provide you with the best & accurate information.

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