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mSpy Reviews

mspy review

While it’s a matter of tracking your children, spouse or employees, the first spy app that comes to mind is mSpy. mSpy is one of leading tracking apps among all best spy apps.

There are two major reasons:

  1. It has great features of tracking and taking control of a device
  2. Its price is affordable for every one

mSpy reviews

mSpy was launched in 2010 by a London-based tech company. It has more than 1.5 million users all around the world. It is the best choice for people who want to track other’s smartphones without knowing them.

mSpy get started

mSpy can identify all operations performed with a smartphone, including installing programs, making calls, and sending messages. It works in the background and not visible on the target device. At the same time, this software supports work with almost all known operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

mSpy app features

mSpy is one of the best programs for private espionage, which has received certificates for the possibility of legal use.

This application has both basic and premium plans for its users. Both editions support android and iOS devices. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

mSpy features

Call control

Using mSpy, you can monitor incoming and outcoming calls of your targeted phones from your dashboard.

It includes contact information, duration, and time of the call. It also allows you to have a complete history of calls, even if the user has deleted it from his phone.

In mSpy premium, you have an additional function of call restriction. It means you have the control to block incoming calls from your dashboard.

If someone is bothering your family member or calling your employee to distract him, you can block his number from your control panel.

Track text messages

Just like the call monitoring, mSpy allows you to track received or sent messages. You can also view their contents and receive information about the sender’s phone number and transmission time.

GPS tracking

This feature allows you to track the current GPS location of your targeted device. Besides, it provides the ability to find out the history of your targeted device movements.

Its premium plan also includes Geo-Fencing, which allows you to set safe boundaries for your children. Every time your child leaves those safe zones, you will get alerts by mSpy.

Internet activities monitoring

With mSpy, it is possible to check and store the browser history of your targeted device. It includes opening bookmarks, browsing history and keyword alerts.

mSpy premium plan also allows you to block questionable websites of your targeted device. This feature is beneficial for parents to control their children’s objectionable activities on the internet.

Monitor messaging apps

In our era of development, most people use social networks and other similar platforms to communicate. And no program can track such communication without access to a user account.

But, with mSpy, you can now control chat conversations, online calls with viewing contact information. You can also view downloaded multimedia files of these apps.

mSpy allows you to watch many popular messaging apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik and Instagram.

This feature primarily benefits you to ensure that your children or not using apps that could be harmful to them.

View multimedia files

Using mobile phones has made it much easier to take and share photos or videos. Using mSpy, you can view all the images or videos taken from the monitored phone, as well as downloaded multimedia files.

mSpy helps you to protect your children from viewing and sharing inappropriate videos. Which is useful for preventing problems such as cyberbullying and sexual inclinations for young children. Also, you can catch your cheating spouse by installing mSpy on his phone.

Track emails

mSpy allows you to view all incoming and outgoing emails from the monitored phone. It also provides detailed information, such as the date and time for each incoming or outgoing email, as well as track sender information.

So, you can view the emails in a log file located on the dashboard, even if the user deletes the emails. With mSpy, you can protect your family from intruders capable of exerting a psychological influence on young children.

Access contacts and calendar

The installed mSpy application allows you to view a detailed list of the existing number stored on the target phone. Besides, you can observe action plans stored in the calendar from your dashboard.

Thus, it becomes possible to check all the planned activities. And scheduled meetings of your monitored device along with detailed information.

Remote control

Among other things, the mSpy control panel is your dashboard that will enable you to track all online activities of your monitored device.

It gives you to the remote device management module. So, you can lock the phone in case of theft or determine its location instantly.

It also allows you to know everything that takes place on your monitored phone.


Keylogger is a malicious program that can scan all keystrokes or the touch screen of a controlled smartphone. This feature is only for premium users with android version of above 4.0, with a basic plan you have no access to keylogging.

24/7 Support

If you encounter technical problems in the software, you can contact the mSpy customer support center to resolve it. To contact the customer support center, you can write to

If your problem is not solved, you are eligible to receive a full refund within 14 days. But agreeing to their refund policy, no refund will be issued, if more than 14 days have passed from the date of purchase. Moreover, if the monitored device is uninstalled, you will receive a notification about this event.


The real meaning of compatibility is the absence of any conflict between the two things. The same principle applies when installing software on suitable hardware.

mSpy android ios

It means that after a successful installation of the application, there should not be any system failures.

The mSpy platform is compatible with almost all the latest electronic gadgets. Still, there are some mandatory requirements and conditions for a regular operation that you can check here before buying the software.

mSpy compatibility for Android

  1. The installed version of Android cannot be lower than 4+
  2. The device must have an internet connection
  3. Physical access to the equipment is required to install mSpy
  4. To be able to install third-party applications, you need to root the target smartphone.

mSpy compatibility on iOS with jailbreak

  1. Supported versions of operating systems compatible with iOS 7 – 9.1
  2. For the ability to install mSpy, physical access to the equipment is required to remote access settings and network protocols.
  3. The targeted device should be internet-enabled
  4. The targeted device must be jailbroken.

mSpy compatibility on iOS without jailbreak

  1. mSpy on IOS operating system without jailbreak is compatible with all iOS versions.
  2. For the ability to install mSpy, you do not need physical access if you have the iCloud credentials of your targeted device.
  3. The iPhone or iPad should be connected to the internet.
  4. An internet-enabled device is required to install mSpy.

mSpy compatibility for personal computers

The PC supports the following versions of operating systems: Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32, x64, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10.
mSpy compatibility for macOS

The following OS versions are supported here: MAC OS 10.7 Lion, macOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

mSpy pricing -Basic vs Premium

When purchasing mSpy, you can choose basic or premium plans. The basic plan includes almost all the functions for daily use, including call log monitoring and GPS tracking. But, the premium version of mSpy has more features to keep your family safe or to catch your cheating spouse.

Basic Plan

The basic plan starts at $29.99 per month, but if you buy this plan for three months, then the price will be only $59.99.

Premium Plan

A premium package with additional features costs about $ 69.99 per month. For a three-month premium package, you will have to pay $ 119.99. But, if you have decided to buy an annual package, you can buy it at only $ 199.99, which is undoubtedly much cheaper as compared to other packages.

If you are not satisfied with the premium plan, you can also subscribe to the Family Kit. This plan allows you to control three devices simultaneously. But the minimum duration of such an agreement is Six months, which will cost you 359.97 dollars, and within 12 months – 479.97 dollars.

My recommendation: Based to mSpy app reviews, it will be wise to choose an annual premium plan, as it much cheaper plan with all possible mSpy features.

After the payment procedure:

After buying the required plan at mSpy:

  • The user will receive an email of payment confirmation.
  • The user will get another email with a link to access control panel, as well as credentials.
  • By going to the specified address, the control panel will open.
  • Here the user can find all the instructions for installing mSpy on a new device.

How to install mSpy

Once you have purchased a plan, you can log in to your control panel with a link given in your email.

Enter your email and password to access your mSpy account.

The installation process of mSpy is different for the different operating system. Here is a complete guide that you need to install mSpy on Android or IOS phone.

How to install mSpy on Android

If your monitored device is Android, you need to have physical access to your targeted device. Without physical access to your targeted device, you can install mSpy.

After downloading the software, select Android. And follow these simple steps to complete the installation.

  • The window will appear on your device where permission will be requested to monitor the target device. Click the Install button.
  • Now the page of the license agreement opens, click continue and accept.
  • Next, the update service screen appears again, where you need to click activate.
  • The system will ask you to hide the application icon on your targeted device.
  • At the next stage, it remains to enter the registration code and click Finish registration, to complete the installation procedure.
  • After the registration, you can monitor the phone from your control panel.

To access premium features, it is required to root the monitored device. If you do not know how to root a device, you can contact mSpy support.

How to install mSpy on iOS with jailbreak

If your targeted device is an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it to access all the mSpy features.

Jailbreaking is the process by which iOS operating systems are modified to download and run third-party applications.

  • First of all, check your device compatibility for jailbreaking because some iOS versions do not have a jailbreak available yet.
  • You can check it from the setting of your targeted device. Click on Settings > General > About > Version to check availability of jailbreaking.
  • If your targeted device shows availability for jailbreaking, use Cydia application to jailbreak the iOS operating system.
  • But if you are not comfortable in jailbreaking, you can contact mSpy support to do it for you. There is an extra fee for jailbreaking that you have to pay.
  • After the jailbreaking, the choice of option for the iPhone will be the same as for Android.
  • You can monitor your targeted phone from the control panel after installing the mSpy application.

How to install mSpy on IOS without jailbreak

You can also monitor an iPhone without a jailbreak. But, it does not allow features like Geofencing, email tracking, iMessage and call history.

To install mSpy on an iPhone without jailbreak, you need iCloud credentials of your targeted user.

  • Log in to your account through the control panel and select the devices that you want to track.
  • Enter your targeted Apple ID and password.
  • Click finish, and you have installed mSpy on iPhone without jailbreaking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

mSpy Android Tracker

The following are frequently asked questions on the internet. You might need to read before using it.


We have already talked in this mSpy app review about its ability to track smartphones used by your children, spouse or employees.

After buying your required plan, you will receive an email with detailed instructions. It has all the details of downloading and installation process of mSpy.

Following this guide, you can quickly access the main web-based control panel. You will also find out a link for downloading and installing the program on the target mobile device.

After installation, mSpy will function in a completely invisible mode. Now it remains to go to your browser control panel from any gadget through. So, you can view the full history of system events, read outgoing and incoming messages, and determine the location of the device.

You do not need to monitor the program continually. mSpy automatically takes screenshots at set intervals, and also writes all system changes to the event log.

Is using mSpy legal?

mSpy is entirely legal software if it meets the following requirements.

  • You can install mSpy on your device.
  • You can use mSpy for monitoring your children with or without knowing them.
  • You can install mSpy on company-owned employee tracking devices. But, make sure that they are aware of the monitoring to avoid any legal problems.
  • You cannot use mSpy for personal purposes on other people’s equipment without notifying them.
  • mSpy is not responsible for its use and do not provide legal advice.
  • At the same time, the development company does not disclose information about the equipment on which their software is installed as it is confidential information available only to customers.

The bottom line: There are many monitoring apps in the market, but the mSpy app is leading the action. The only possible competitor is FlexiSpy because it also has impressive features to monitor your kid’s, or spouse’s phone.

mSpy guarantees usability and the availability of great features for its users. Countless positive mSpy app reviews prove it right.

Using mSpy, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your business. Parents can protect their children from unfortunate circumstances. You can also catch your cheating spouse without paying a considerable amount to cheating detectives.

The unique Key Logger option allows you to track sending of messages on a monitored smartphone. It also receives detailed information about all the typed characters from the touch-pad, which makes it possible to protect your children and family members further.

mSpy provides round-the-clock support for users who always receive a quick response from the customer care service. There are several feedback methods, including email, phone, and online chat.

It is also worth noting that not all such services provide online support, and a client can get an instant answer to his question. Click here to purchase mSpy basic and premium plan.

How mSpy monitors lost devices?

Using mSpy, you can monitor your lost device. With this option, you can control your phone from anywhere, even if it was lost or accidentally left somewhere.

Let me tell you how mSpy monitor your lost phone.

You left your phone at home or lost it, and it has all your private data that should never fall into the hands of third parties.

With mSpy, you can easily lock your device using the remote control function. So, if someone finds your lost phone, that person will not be able to access it. You also have the opportunity to erase all important information from a lost device remotely.

Is mSpy detectable?

mSpy app runs in the background of your targeted device. So, the owner of the monitored device never knows about it. With the android device, you need physical access to install mSpy.

And after installation, you are supposed to hide mSpy icon. It allows you to monitor and controls the device without detection.

In the case of an iPhone device, you don’t need any physical access to the monitored device if you have its iCloud account details. It will limit access to many features, but still, it is not detectable. To control all the features, you can jailbreak the monitored device with physical access.

Does mSpy work worldwide?

mSpy work is not limited to a cellular network or the location of the device. It is compatible with all service providers. All you need is a mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi connection. The targeted device can not send details to your mSpy control panel if it has no connection to the internet.

Are there any disadvantages of mSpy?

Despite all the unique features offered by the mSpy application, there are some disadvantages too.

All these points are based on mSpy app reviews.

1. The installation of mSpy has a weak effect on the performance of the monitored equipment. Particularly with outdated models of smartphones, users may notice slow down in performance.

2. But, on relatively high-end devices, a drop in speed is usually not observed.

3. To install mSpy on iPhone with a jailbreak operation may lead to a significant reduction in malware protection.

4. If you install mSpy on someone else’s device for criminal purposes, you may face administrative or criminal liability.

Can mSpy track the device by IMEI number?

IMEI number is a unique 15-digit set used on mobile phones to identify them. mSpy app cannot track or monitor any device by IMEI number. It can control devices only after installing the application on the target phone.

How to uninstall mSpy?

You can easily uninstall mSpy from your device.
To uninstall the mSpy app, you need to follow these steps.

For iOS devices, Go to Cydia > click Installed > click iPhoneInternalService > click Modify and then click the “Remove” option.

For Android devices, go to the Phone Settings > Click Security > Select Device Administrators > Click Update Service > Click Deactivate > Get Back to Settings > Select Apps > Click Update Service and Uninstall.

The following guide might be different due to the high level of customization of the Android and iOS operating systems. But all the menu section will be quite similar.

If you believe that the app is suitable for you then buy the spy app from here to reward us that will cost you nothing.

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